DIY: String Art

Well, Longhorn fans, another Game Day is upon us.  As we dry our tears from last week's utterly brutal beat down from BYU, let us focus on the positive things that Game Day brings [I'm a silver linings kind of gal]: Tailgates. Tito's Vodka. Really, really good food. Fletcher's Corny Dogs. Bevo. GAME DAY OUTFITS [that post is coming soon, I swear]. and Crafts.  Ok, so that last one caught you by surprise, but that was the best way I could segue into today's post.  Work with me.

A few months ago I received my Whimseybox, and the craft-of-the-month as I call it, was 'DIY String Art.'  I've seen string art all over Pinterest, and was eager to try it, however I didn't love the patterns presented in the box.  Friend and fellow Longhorn, EmilyAnne, had the genius idea to instead  create the great State of Texas.  I simply created a template for us in Photoshop, and we went to work!

What You'll Need:
Piece of wood [size of your choice]
Small nails
Bakers twine
Paper template

My finished product:

EA's finished product: 

For a how-to and more details, check out this instructional video from Whimseybox!