DIY: Simple Party Arrangements

Like most people, I suffer from having Veuve Clicquot taste on a boxed wine budget.  Whether it's decorating or entertaining, over the years I have mastered the art of stretching my dollar without sacrificing style.  Keeping my frugal secrets to myself would be a downright disservice to others, so over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing simple projects, tips and resources to make your next soiree--be it a black tie event or a small gathering at home--look like a million dollars without busting your budget.

Today, I'm excited to share some extremely simple arrangements I made with a friend for her upcoming engagement party. The venue is somewhat industrial, and we wanted to make the decor blend with the space, so we came up with a 'rustic modern' theme.  The majority of the tables are high cocktail tables, so it's important that arrangements are low and don't take up too much space. More importantly, we don't want to break the bank.  Cue, succulents. [I've shared my adoration for them here].  To me, succulents exude a modern yet primitive vibe, and I thought they would be the perfect greenery for the event.

We headed to East Side Succulents on Austin's east side [clever name, right?], to pick out some succulents that we could mix and match to create about 15 small arrangements.  Jenny picked out 20+ plants, all while spending around $90. [Tip: Succulents last forever, so once they've served their purpose at your event you can give them as favors, hostess / committee chair gifts, or take them home with you to enjoy yourself!]

Jenny purchased 16 oz. Ball jars [less than $2 each, on sale!] to go with the 'rustic' theme, and once we had the succulents, we went to work! When planting succulents, make sure you put small rocks or gravel in the bottom of your vessel before adding any soil, so there's somewhere for water to drain.  Without these, you run the risk of your succulents 'sitting' in water and they'll quickly rot.  After the rocks, add dirt evenly and then plant your succulent.  For a polished look, add more small rocks on top of the dirt.

Once the succulents were planted, I borrowed my idea from the monogrammed wine bags and hand painted small strips of jute with her future monogram.  Once the paint dried, I simply hot glued the strips to the mason jars, making sure the letter was centered, and ta-da!

Be sure to check back next week for more engagement party decor details and DIYs!

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