APB: Brass Trunk

I'm putting out an All Points Bulletin for the above pictured brass trunk.  A brass trunk was one of the few things I was on the hunt for while in Round Top, and while I spotted one [and physically ran to it, which we all know I don't do], by the time I got to the dealer to inquire price, it had already been sold.  Fewer things make me more sad than 'SOLD' stickers--well those and losing eBay auctions in the final minute.  Despite my recent trunk acquisition failures, I refuse to believe that this trunk isn't meant to be mine. I also refuse to pay the $350 price tag that I keep stumbling upon.  I will find this trunk. And I will find it at a steal. Perhaps there will be a 'finders fee' for anyone that's able to help procure said trunk. The race is on. GO!

Because how cute do Kristin's and Caitlin's little trunks look? 

via The Hunted Interior

via Desert Domicile

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