Round Top Comes to Austin: Royer's Pie Haven

Besides comfortable shoes and cash-on-hand, another "must" when heading to Round Top for Antiques Week is stopping by Royer's Pie Haven--located in Henkel Square just steps away from famed parent restaurant, Royer's Round Top Cafe--to refuel with some sweet treats and caffeine!

Words couldn't express my elation when Royer's announced they would be bringing one of my favorite parts of Round Top to Austin, by opening their second Pie Haven location on The Drag, just north of UT's campus.  Sweet pie, savory pie, coffee, or tea--Royer's Pie Haven has just what you need for a mid-day pick-me-up!

With the anticipation of Antiques Week growing, I couldn't wait any longer for a taste of Royer's, so I headed the few short blocks from the Capitol to the Pie Haven for lunch.  What did I have, you ask? Pie. And Pie.  I started with a slice of their Veggie savory pie and topped off my meal with none other than their famous Junkberry Pie, which was chock full of apples, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and peaches and then topped with Austin's own Amy's Ice Cream--I. Die.   If there ever was an official food of junkin', it's Royer's Junkberry Pie...It is named after my favorite 'tiquing ladies, the Junk Gypsies, after all! 

Need your breakfast to pack a little more punch? The Pie Haven has a full espresso and coffee bar, Havenly muffins, scones, smoothies, and BISCUITS. Not enough people serve biscuits...And in addition to the bevy of sweet and savory pies offered, they also serve cookies, 'sin-namon' rolls, homemade ding dongs [yes, you read that correctly], pie shakes, and pie pops [a ball of pie dipped in chocolate--need I say more?].

Although they've moved to the 'big city,' Royer's holds true to the small town feel that is often so desperately missed in our ever-growing town of hipster dives and high rises.  Stepping into Royer's is honestly like stepping into a friend's kitchen--you're immediately greeted with a warm welcome and a "Honey, what can I get ya?" All of this made going back to work after a couple of pieces of pie extremely difficult.

Tara Royer, aka "The Pie Queen", [daughter of Bud Royer, aka "The Pie Man"] has mastered the art of the pie business, and has expanded the em'pie're [see what I did there?] to offer catering and delivery. You can even reserve the Pie Haven "After Dark" for small gatherings such as wedding showers and birthday parties, etc.  Now I know what I want for my birthday, a party at the Pie Haven and maybe a cool pie nickname too..."The Pie _______"...we'll keep thinking on that. 

Round Top is really and truly my happy place, so having a little piece of it just down the road makes me all kinds of happy. And as they have so perfectly scrawled upon their wall at the Haven, "All Roads Lead to Round Top." 

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