SP&C's Winter White Wine Spritzer Sangria

Winter White Wine Winter Sangria--say that three times fast!  I expressed my love for a good white wine spritzer earlier this summer, and I've made a few yuletide modifications to my favorite cocktail making it the perfect aperitif for your next holiday gathering. It's incredibly easy, looks exceptionally festive, and is certain to be a Christmas crowd-pleaser! 
- 1L Bottle of Club Soda
- 1 Large granny smith apple
- 1 Bag of fresh cranberries
- 1/8+ cup of sugar (or more, to taste)
- 1 Bottle of dry white wine
- Sprigs of fresh rosemary

The day before your soiree, cut a few sprigs of rosemary to make rosemary infused ice cubes--which are sure to 'wow' your guests and have them thinking you got a B.A. in Mixology.  I like to use the King Cube Ice Tray for mine. 

Just prior to your party, in a large pitcher, pour in a diced green apple, a couple handfuls of cranberries, sugar, club soda and wine.  Stir your ingredients and then allow it to set for a few minutes so that all of the sugar has dissolved.  In either a wine glass or a highball glass, pour the cocktail over a rosemary ice cube and voila!  I like to have additional rosemary on hand for garnish, as well. Cheers!!!  What's your favorite cocktail for the holidays?

Wine Glass: HomeGoods,  Pitcher + Cordial Glass: vintage, Marble Cutting Board: vintage

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