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A couple of weeks ago I shared my dining room as the beginning of this year's home tour, however, it's a room that has long been a source of 'design discontent,' and I partially blame it on my "If You Like It, Buy It" decorating mentality I've employed over the past few years.  At the time of purchase, I loved every piece in my dining room, I just never fully thought out how everything would look together, and after a few years I felt like a design schizophrenic.

If you recall, this time last year, my dining room looked like this:

This past December, I finally pulled the trigger on a bucket-list item--a marble-top tulip table--which kickstarted what has now become a complete dining room overhaul.  In addition to my "If You Like It, Buy It" ways, I've also fallen victim to what I like to call my "Give a Mouse a Cookie" decorating mindset.  [Background: Remember the children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." then he's going to want some milk?  If you give him some milk, then he's going to want some...well, you get the point.]  If I got a marble-top table, then I was going to need new chairs.  If I got new chairs, I was obviously going to need a new rug.  And now here we are, fully enthralled into this vicious cycle.

My dining table is 48" around, so I felt like I only had room for four chairs, as opposed to the six I used to have.  I chose these wishbone chairs in white, as I felt like they best complimented the table and would achieve the look I was going for.  Never being one to stray from a good P.O.C. (Pop of Color), I decided on a deep pink, over-dyed rug.  

And that leaves us here, the current dining room situation:

As darling as I thought it was when I found it in Round Top years ago, the turquoise buffet has got to go.  It's served a good life here, but it's high time for something more functional and streamlined.  And while we're on the topic of things that have got to go:  The gray china cabinet was never my first choice, but I found it in Round Top the same day as I found the buffet, and knew I needed a storage solution for my hoard of vintage glassware. And it fit in the Tahoe.  For months I've been on the hunt for one piece that would serve both purposes--a sideboard with tons of storage--and this sideboard from LuxeDecor fits the bill perfectly! At 79" long, it's got plenty of space to hold everything I need it to, and the white high gloss finish keeps the room looking open and fresh. 

After the additions of some new table lamps and a few new accessories, the dining room will be well on its way to looking less schizophrenic!  I'll continue to keep y'all updated on the progress! 

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