Extreme Guest Room Makeover

It's only taken me a year, but I'm finally getting around to doing something with my guest room. It's served it's purpose as a storage unit for long enough, and my severe OCD has pushed me to do something about it.

In May, I fell in love with this bedding, from Dwell Studio. The turquoise accents & the peacocks had me sold as soon as I laid eyes on it. Earlier this week, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the duvet set to get the proverbial ball rolling.
The walls in the guest room are bland shade of tan, however I can't justify painting them at the moment. If I do, I'm thinking a light shade of grey. I'm still on the hunt for fabric for drapes in the living/dining room area, more so now that I'm taking the current teal velvet panels (that perfectly match the peacocks) into the guest room. Since I splurged on the bedding, I'm forcing myself to refinish the current furniture I have to match said bedding. I haven't decided on colors, so suggestions are welcome! In addition to refinishing furniture, I'm also going to attempt recovering a little blah-brown settee I purchased from the Crate & Barrel outlet years ago. The shape is great, but the color makes me cringe, so I'm going with this:
A little grey and white draper stripe is just what the doctor ordered. I've been re-doing this room in my head for months, and I think I FINALLY have a plan. It feels good to have a plan.

While perusing the blogosphere this morning, I stumbled upon some of Kirsten's recent mood boards. I love her work, and am in LOVE with this board! It's so similar to what I want to do to the guest room (so I might steal a couple of her ideas!). The turquoise diamante fabric makes my heart flutter -- so of course now I'm on the Google hunt to find it.

On another note, there are lots of new little additions around the house, that I promise I will post over the weekend!

Have a good one & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!