Newly Acquired Goods.

Oh, hello! My sincerest apologies for my severe lack of posts for the past, um, well, 2 months. However, the creative juices have started to flow again (hooray!), and I'm back on the blog wagon.

While my creative juices haven't been steadily a flow, my shopping habits certainly have been! But then again, we've never really doubted my ability to shop, have we?

First and foremost, for Easter I treated myself to these darling earrings from Rob's super talented sister Elizabeth Baird. Her new spring collection is out and it's all stunning! These brass crescents have become my new daily go-to's. In love.

The rug in the kitchen that I just had to have, has recently died an untimely death. No thanks to NoNo's affinity for pulling the little tufts of fibers out and Rob's inability to keep food on the countertops. That being said, a replacement was a must. While I really wanted another one of Nate's gems, HSN done sold out. Luckily, West Elm presented a worthy competitor, and now this rug adorns my kitchen floor. Swoon.
Whilst at West Elm, I spotted this cute little black and white frame. I'm a sucker for anything black and white these days, so I scooped it up as well. 

And last, but certainly not least, I went a little haywire on one of my favorite shopping sites, Piperlime. I was in *desperate need of some new tall shoes (*please read unnecessarily purchased), and found the perfect pair(s)! Of the shoes that were delivered, these Seychelles stunners are the only ones I'm completely sold on / I've already worn them and can't return them.

I'm sure my weekend plans will consist of more retail therapy, so I'll be sure to post any noteworthy finds!