Smile for the Camera.

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd last uploaded pictures from my camera to my computer -- and now I'm just kind of embarrassed. Whoopsie. I apparently took some update house photos in February to put on the blog, and just dang near forgot about them! Apologies for the overdue-ness of these, but here are some little snippets of what's been happenin' in the crib.

Living room.

I scored these turquoise foo dogs for $10/pair at Wimberley Market Days last month. It's ok to be jealous.
A few months ago I decided I was so over the orange damask in my bedroom, so after a couple quick trips to Target and West Elm, I purchased new curtains, lampshades, and duvet. Ta-daaa! Instant makeover.
Guest Room -- nothing too much new going on here.

New West Elm rug I mentioned here.

That's about it! I hope to make some more updates around la casa soon, so I'll be sure to post those as well. On a final note, are any of y'all on Pinterest? I'm uber-obsessed. Like to the point of no productivity obsessed. It's the perfect way to categorize and organize all of your fabulous finds on the interwebs. Genius.

Hope y'all have a fantabulous week!