It's (almost) the Freakin' Weekend

...I'm gonna have me some fun...Go on, I know you were singing R. Kelly in your head too. It's ok. This is a place of no judgment.

Anyhoo. It's almost the weekend, and a Holiday Weekend at that! AND the first UT game of the season. AND...well, I have nothing else. But still, I see great things in this weekend's future. And since I'm half way considering making tomorrow a half day, we're going to pretend the weekend starts now.

Tonight I'm hitting up one of my favorite Austin haunts, Gibson, for some Thursday Night Bingo with the ladies. Yes, that's co-rrect. BINGO. It's free. And it's Amazing. And they give you a free Jell-o shot for participating. I mean, there's a prize in itself! (Disclaimer: I don't actually enjoy Jell-O shots, but they seem festive.)

Saturday, we tailgate. Like champions.  I'm trying to fine-tune my Game Day ensemble--and by that I mean, I've done little to prepare. I know I'm wearing these I guess that's a start.

The rest of the weekend is up in the air, but I'm hoping to get a little crafty, do some light reading, and hopefully get really really tan. I think those are realistic goals, no? On the crafty front, I'm loving the "dipped" trend, so I think I might test it out. 


IKEA pots via


Well, I guess that's it.  Apologies for this being a really-somewhat-boring post. (I apparently was just super fabulous last night and am brain dead...) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! And hopefully I'll have something crafty to show you next week :)