Shop My Closet!

Well not yet. But soon! I've said it 100 times--I have a shopping problem.  My closet is literally busting at the seams.  Remember this post last year--when my closet was so clean you could practically eat off the floor? (Ok, that's gross, because who wants to eat off carpet?  So...never mind.)  Anyways, let's just take a quick moment to bask in the beauty that once was, shall we? 
Here's the bad news. Those days are long gone--and this (see below) is what we're currently dealing with.  After ACL weekend, 4 days in Vegas, and Halloween, I haven't had the energy to take on the dreadful task of getting organized.  Therefore, for the past two weeks I've been wearing whatever is on top of "the pile." Unlike my severely OCD self, I know.  I'm embarrassed to even show you this...

I know the second picture is blurry. And that's for good reason.  I don't want you see just how much of a disaster my wardrobe is. This state of disarray is kind of making me hyperventilate.  And yes, that's a rolling rack. Sorry I'm not sorry.

So now that I've aired my dirty laundry (pun intended), here's the good news.  This weekend's activities consist of cleaning up and out my very neglected closet.  What's in it for you, you ask? I've created an online shop so you can literally shop my closet!  In the coming weeks, check out my shop, Shopping Problem, and see if there's anything that might tickle your fancy! It's currently empty, so don't get too excited just yet!  However, I plan to upload lots of items soon! And sadly (for me, not you) there will probably be lots of things with the tags still on them.  Le sigh...

Stay tuned for the much anticipated 'After' shot of this weekend's project! And when I say 'anticipated,' I know that's only me. You probably don't care. :)

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!